Do not miss any Leads, profit from an effective buying incentive

Like no other, we are fully aware that 70% of purchase decisions are made on the shop floor. Naturally, it is exactly here where we aim to successfully encourage customers' buying impulse towards your products. Point of Sale (POS) material holds no secrets to us and we know how to influence your customers. Profit language, loss language, the anchor effect... we are happy to share our knowledge when it comes to engaging your customers' curiosity and boosting your sales figures.

The ultimate result

Good exposure, striking items, the right tone in communication has the ultimate result: remarkably impressive sales figures. Naturally, we provide advice concerning up and cross selling. Our POS specialists are masters of brand activation.

We help you during the entire process of creation, positioning, storage, inspection, stock management and distribution of your POS materials.

The Bax Added Value

  • Extra attention value
  • New and/or existing products
  • Storage, inspection, stock management and distribution of your materials

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