Hands on, activate and go!

Surprise, entice and motivate. Pro-active recruiting. Routinely taking the first step. That is what activation is all about. These are the touch points in the customer journey. In this way, we attract future customers in a targeted manner. Of course, we are very eager to listen to our customers. Right up until we all agree on the procedures at hand and we understand the customer right down to the smallest of details. Subsequently, it is our turn to surprise.

Outside regular communication moments

After all, we like to work outside regular communication moments. Our experience shows that it is precisely this approach that results in the most effective brand activation. We activate brands at every desired location. Even in locations where you wouldn't expect it. We are no strangers to shopping malls and public events when it comes to surprising brand activations.

For example, we have recently realised a number of successful pop-up stores, shopping centre activations and VR experiences.


De Bax Toegevoegde Waarde

  • Can-do mentality
  • Always with your company's DNA in mind
  • Employable 24/7

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