Nationale Nederlanden: Volvo ocean race

For 20 years, Delta Lloyd was inextricably linked to water sports. Together with the Water sport Assocation, they've allowed the popularity of water sports to grow significantly throughout the years. We are grateful and proud that we've been able to work on these projects for over 10 years. 

We are also pleased that we have proudly contributed to a worthy farewell of the brand Delta Lloyd, which will continue under the name Nationale Nederlanden. The Volvo Ocean Race was the ideal moment for this. Following various water sports activities, Delta Lloyd and its employees were presented with a sparkling show with Causes, Racoon, Chef’Special and Delta Lloyd’s in-house band.

Nationale Nederlanden, the Watersport Association, Prism and Delta Lloyd - thank you very much!

20 jaar watersportsponsering

Nationale Nederlanden, Het Watersportverbond, Prism en Delta Lloyd, thank you very much!

ONVZ: 85th anniversary

ONVZ celebrated its 85th anniversary. Naturally, such a special occasion has to be celebrated exuberantly! In amazing style, we had the pleasure of welcoming ONVZ's employees. The Fabrique Event Location was completely transformed into a unique journey through time; starting in the 1930s and moving to the present by way of the 1960s.The location was completely decorated in line with the theme; both the staging and furniture. Moreover, we provided the appropriate entertainment and live music.

With great pleasure, we go that extra mile, from invitation process right up until the final guest left satisfied.

An unique trip in amazing style

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