Social media, media that can no longer be ignored from the communication mix. Not surprising at all, since social made it easy for us to communicate with a large audience. In a relatively easy way you can inform or amuse a large group, using text, images or videos. These online developments have resulted in an exorbitantly growth. Social media can be very effective, but sometimes lacks a bit of personal touch since the communication is one to many.


Despite the ease of social media we see a trend recapturing. The desire for personal communication. Off course this makes us intensely happy. Communication as it should be, sincerely, one-on-one and real. And sure, supported by online. Personal communication has the upper hand again and all the surrounding tools are complementary. Yet many companies have abandoned this way of communicating and keep trusting in the reach of social media. Businesses and consumers have become accustomed to online communication. A possible consequence is that prospects are no longer sensitive to what is served. And that's why it's time for real and personal communication.


Despite our increased technology and globalization we humans are still tribal beings, with a tribal brain and tribal needs. We want to contact in and with our tribe, live. So that we can continue to feed our basic sense of security and trust.

Dr. Danielle Braun
Corporate anthropologist,
author management book of the year 'Corporate Tribe'.


Live communication is the solution

The most personal form of communication is when transmitter and receiver are facing each other And that's what you get with live communication! That is why you should distinguish yourself from the competition through live communication. Especially now that this trend is up-to-date again. If you're not doing anything with live communication you should really consider starting. A number of ways to approach your prospects effectively and personal are:

  • Local activation – especially useful when introducing new products or services. In or at stores you can for example place a VR activation. Especially useful if your product or service is not yet on the market. This is a fun way to give your prospects a sneak preview.
  • Exhibiting at a trade fair – in this situation you have to search less actively for interested parties, because your target group is consciously looking for your business. They are looking for fulfillment of his or her needs. On the other hand there is a look more competition. That's why you should set up a representative stand crew with charisma.
  • Organize an event – if you organize the event yourself, then you're fully in control. Which means your budget, choice of location, guest and the weight of the communication message.

Whatever form you choose, ultimately it is all about the needs of your prospect. Choose the right balance between information and fun. Always keep the prospect in mind and choose wisely.

"Ondanks onze toegenomen technologie en mondialisering zijn wij mensen nog steeds tribale wezens met een tribaal brein en tribale behoeften. We willen contact in onze tribe. Live. Zodat we ons basale gevoel voor veiligheid en vertrouwen kunnen blijven voeden."

Dr. Danielle Braun


We gaan voor het beste. Het állerbeste.